Vienna, Laudon Palace / Ybbs, Donaudorf Palace

Commissioned by Countess Kletzl, Bergl combined exotic motives from “Nouvelles Indes” tapestries with the continental allegories in a highly individual way in 1773, similarly to how he had done at the garden pavilion at Melk. But the world of fantasy was in danger: The Conquest of the New World had already begun, boats had already reached the coast. Trees and plants positioned in the corners of the room and at the edges of the windows conceal the architectural boundaries. In the course of the construction of a Danube power plant, Donaudorf Palace near Ybbs an der Donau was demolished. Bergl’s paintings were transferred to Laudon Palace in Hadersdorf, Vienna. The palace as well as the gardens are privately owned and are not accessible to the public.