Garsten, former monastery church/parish church

Commissioned by Abbot Maurus Gordon (reg. 1764-1786), Johann Wenzel Bergl made scenic paintings – a “Holy Sepulchre” – for the Benedictine monastery of Garsten in the years 1777/78. The individual scenic elements are approximately 8 metres high and up to 7 metres wide. The painted scenic architecture refers to the furnishings and architecture of the Losensteiner chapel where the piece is installed. The chapel’s decoration is continued in the scenes. Remarkably, this spectacular scenic architecture has been preserved until today. After restoration work that took eight years, Bergl’s oeuvre was displayed this year during Lent in full splendour. In 2019, the “Holy Sepulchre” can be visited after Mass from March 11 until April 26, or upon registration by phone (parish office: +43 – 72 52 – 541 96) in the former monastery church of Garsten which is today’s parish church.