Seitenstetten, Benedictine monastery, Mineral Cabinet

Mit freundlicher Genehmigung Stift Seitenstetten
Mineral Cabinet © Seitenstetten Abbey

The breathtaking ensemble of Seitenstetten Abbey with its baroque church, its art collection as well as the historical gardens are attracting visitors from near and far.

The Mineral Cabinet located in the scientific wing of the Abbey is a very special and globally unique treasure. In 1776, the rococo interior was planned by P. Josef Schaukegl. Work was carried out in nutwood by the Seitenstetten court cabinetmaker Anton Paumgartner. The room is also equipped with hand-blown glass cabinets.

The comprehensive collection of exclusive minerals, gemstones and shells from all over the world is accompanied by an original ceiling painting by the Viennese painter Johann Bergl. In 1769 – exactly 250 years ago – he created the decorative ceiling fresco which centres around the sun god who is taking the form of a boy with a sceptre and a tiara. Below him, the moon is holding up his pale crescent.
The seven Roman planet gods shown in the painting are depicted as cute putti. The entire building derives its fascination from its ease and cheerfulness and thereby supports the unrivalled impression of the Mineral Cabinet.